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    Preparation of Magnesium Hydroxide from Brucite

    ​The main component of brucite is magnesium hydroxide, which is the mineral containing the highest magnesium in nature.
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The main component of brucite is magnesium hydroxide, which is the mineral containing the highest magnesium in nature. Ultrafine pulverization of brucite to a certain fineness and then appropriate surface modification can be made into low-smoke, halogen-free, environmentally friendly high-performance magnesium hydroxide flame retardant filler, which is the main current and future of flame retardant materials. One of the development directions. Ultrafine pulverization and surface modification of brucite mine to prepare high-grade magnesium hydroxide flame retardant filler, featuring wide source of raw materials and low production cost.

Preparation of Magnesium Hydroxide from Brucite


Magnesium hydroxide, white amorphous powder. The name is caustic soda, light burned magnesia, etc., the suspension of magnesium hydroxide in water is called magnesium hydroxide emulsion, referred to as magnesium milk, the English name is Magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium hydroxide is a colorless hexagonal column crystal or white powder, hardly soluble in water and alcohol, soluble in dilute acid and ammonium salt solution, and the aqueous solution is weakly alkaline. The solubility in water is small, but the water soluble fraction is completely ionized. The concentration of the saturated aqueous solution was 1.9 mg/liter (18 ° C). Heating to 350 ° C loses water to form magnesium oxide. Natural mineral brucite of magnesium hydroxide. Can be used in sugar and magnesium oxide. Because magnesium hydroxide is abundant in nature and its chemical properties are similar to aluminum, users have begun to replace aluminum chloride with aluminum hydroxide for fragrance products. Used as an analytical reagent and also used in the pharmaceutical industry.


Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant is colorless, non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive and other properties, and is a green environmentally friendly polymer material additive. Magnesium hydroxide having a good flake or fibrous crystal form can be better matched with raw materials without affecting physical properties such as strength of the raw material, and greatly improves the flexural strength and elongation of the polymer material. Therefore, magnesium hydroxide flame retardants with special morphology have more excellent properties and wider application. Liaoning brucite is rich in resources, accounting for about two-fifths of the total domestic reserves. Brucite has a simple chemical composition and a low decomposition temperature. Magnesium sulphate is used as raw material to prepare magnesium hydroxide, which is rich in raw materials, and has no pollution to the environment during processing, and consumes less energy. Therefore, it is of theoretical and practical significance to use Kuandian brucite as raw material to prepare ultrafine magnesium hydroxide with special morphology under hydrothermal conditions by using magnesium chloride method and magnesium oxide method respectively. The purity and crystallinity of the product were high by XRD. Scanning electron microscopy showed that the product was hexagonal flake or whisker, the crystal form was intact, the particle size was uniform, the particle size reached submicron, the whisker diameter was several tens of nanometers, and the length was 2-5 μm.

Preparation of Magnesium Hydroxide from Brucite


Magnesium hydroxide has a high decomposition temperature, so in a polymer material requiring a higher processing temperature, such as PP, the application performance of the magnesium hydroxide flame retardant is better; in addition, the ultrafine active magnesium hydroxide flame retardant filler and hydrogen Inorganic flame retardant compounds such as alumina are widely used in cable and other high polymer matrix composites (plastic products, rubber products, etc.). Due to its low smoke, non-toxicity, environmental friendliness, and good filling and reinforcing properties and electrical insulation properties, the market prospect of ultra-fine active magnesium hydroxide flame retardants is promising.


Fengcheng City Heqi Brucite Mining Co., Ltd., is an imports and exports mining company registered in 1998 in Fengcheng City of Liaoning Province. the company is located in Fengcheng City, Primarily engaged in processing minerals. The company property mainly manufactures magnesium hydroxide flame retardant and brucite powder. The export work is handling by DALIAN HEXIN NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 

Preparation of Magnesium Hydroxide from Brucite


Our annual output amount is up to 100,000 tons. Quality,Integrity, Innovation are our business ideas. Relying on quality products, good services, our company possess good reputation in the line.

"Business Integrity, Standardize Services, Sustainable development, Dedicated to Community" is the company’s Principles. During several years developing, the company possesses own mines and processing plants,It consists of the heqi brucite mine in Fengcheng city (reserves 3,000,000 tons, annual output is 100,000 tons).