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  • Magnesium Hydroxide Green Water Treatment Agent

    2018-07-30 16:29:17
    Magnesium hydroxide, white amorphous powder. Alias caustic Magnesium stone, light burned magnesia, Magnesium hydroxide in water suspension called Magnesium hydroxide emulsion, referred to as "magnesia, English name for the Magnesium hydroxide. Six square column crystal magnesium hydroxide is a colorless or white powder, soluble in water and alcohol, soluble in dilute acid and ammonium salt solution, a weak alkaline aqueous solution. Solubility is small in the water, but soluble in water completely ionization.
  • Brucite Introduce And Brucite Molecular Structure

    2018-07-30 16:28:54
    Brucite and magnesium hydroxide stone (Brucite), Mg (OH) 2. Hardness: 2.5. Is a single crystal with thick plate, common to flake collection; Into a fibrous, sometimes referred to as fiber brucite (nemalite) or brucite asbestos. Brucite also often form the periclase illusion.
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